Thursday, May 19, 2011

My First Blog Ever

So this is my first blog! yikes! I've been following blogs for years, and refer to them often for ideas, recipes, advice, what others have done, etc. Then recently a friend suggested I start my own and to be honest, I don't even know where to start!!  Which direction do I go? Recipes? Menu planning? Party planning? Nanny stories? Our struggle with finances, recent incorporation of a budget and the on going pursuit of eliminating debt?  God's blessings and provisions every day of our lives that totally blow our minds? My pursuit to be a better daughter of the Lord, wife, mom, nanny, sister, daughter, cousin, grand daughter, etc?

I think I'll just go with whatever the Lord lays on my heart for that day, and whatever may be on our schedule for that day!

I didn't go into much detail on my profile, but figured I would fill you in a little bit about where we are in our lives right now. :)

I work full time, but have our daughter (14 months) with me, so its the best! I nanny for a family that we met through our church and we are SOO blessed to be in their lives! My daughter Kaitlyn and their daughter Abbie are only weeks apart and are best friends! I'm sure that the girls will be the subject of many blogs. 

I also love cooking, and trying new recipes! We are not small people, and are trying to become smaller so we're trying to cut back on meat and fat and incorporate lots more fruit and veggies!  I also feel like, if I can make our own, why should I buy it with extra stuff in it that I can't pronounce?  So we make a lot of our own taco seasonings, and mixes like that. I'm working on trying some bread recipes, but my husband is not at all a fan of homemade wheat breads. They have 'that taste' to them that purchased wheat doesn't have. We're also working super hard to eliminate all of our debt so we buy ONLY what is absolutely necessary, so however we can make our own stuff and save money I'm totally into! The cheapest, healthiest food I can make that my family will eat is where I'm at. I also do a lot of cooking for our freezer, but we live in an apartment with a smaller than normal freezer so it is what it is. :) I would like to start cooking once a month if I had the space, but am thinking about cooking once a week. But then that is time not spent with my husband on the weekends, which i view as sacred and do not want to give up. Who knows, maybe we'll do it together while Kaitlyn is napping. Or maybe I'll figure out how to do a little each night of the week so that on the weekend its minimal prep. We'll see how it goes!

The other exciting news of the week is planning a coed bridal shower!! We're having LOTS of fun throwing around ideas from gifts to games to favors to menus and everything in between! I'm sure there will be a post about that!

Please feel free to leave me feedback! My life is a learning process!


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  1. Awesome first blog entry! Keep it up, I can't wait for more!!!

    Request: Recipes please. You're an awesome cook! And nanny stories, and everything you mentioned too. Ha ha.
    Love you guys!