Monday, April 29, 2013

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad Sandwiches



 Chicken Salad sandwiches on whole wheat bread are one of my all time favorite lunches.  Then I was introduced to Jess's Chicken Salad.  She let me in on her secrets.  Tastefully Simple's Spinach and Herb Dip Mix. Oh. My. Word. It makes chicken salad a thousand times better!  She also shared how she shreds her chicken...IN THE KITCHEN AID! It was done in 15 seconds!  She puts grapes in hers too, but we didn't have any grapes on hand this day, so we just went with what we did have.

First, shred some cooked chicken.

Then chop some onion and celery.

Then console the poor helper who's eyes are burning from the onions.

Give the helper a job she's usually not allowed to have, and all is better!

 Add the chopped onion and celery to the chicken, along with some mayo.

Doing her new job.

Add in the special seasoning. I currently have 2 bottles of this stuff, although one is almost gone. I'd really like to make my own blend. I love theirs and it doesn't appear to have any junk I don't want in it, but it is NOT cheap.  Hopefully I will be successful!

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