Monday, August 31, 2015

Taco Tuesday! ***updated for Whole30

Taco Seasoning "Sand" Art

Taco Seasoning:


In a quart sized jar, combine:
     1 cup Dried Minced Onions
     8 Tbsp chili powder
     8 tsp paprika
     4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes (more or less to taste)
     6 tsp oregano
     6 tsp marjoram
     4 Tbsp Real Salt
     1 tsp pepper
     8 tbsp Arrowroot powder or organic cornstarch 
     4 Tbsp Dried Minced Garlic
     4 tsp cumin

Use 2 Tbsp of seasoning and 1/3 cup of water per pound of ground meat.

Taco Sauce:

     1 #10 sized can of plain tomatoes  (whole peeled, diced, fresh, whatever.)
     3 1/4 cups water
     3 1/4 tsp chili powder
     1/4 cup cumin
     3/4 cup onion, chopped
     3/4 cup vinegar
     6.5 tsp granulated garlic
     4 tsp real salt
     3 tsp paprika
      1 tsp Cayenne (more or less to taste)

Puree in a blender then simmer over med/low heat for 30 mins to meld the flavors together. 
This freezes well in smaller portions, and keeps well refrigerated for several weeks.

Whole30 Veggified Tacos:

Season your meat with salt, pepper,  garlic & cumin, and then brown it in a large pan. Once it's almost done, add lots of veggies, like leeks, onion, shredded carrots, diced zucchini &/or squash, and season again.   Once the veggies are cooked down some,  add taco seasoning.  I usually cook up a big batch so that I can freeze some for quick dinners other nights. 

Tacos for the Freezer: 

***this was written pre-whole30, so keep that in mind.  Several of the ideas can still be used,  just omit the non-compliant ingredients.  
I buy a big package of ground beef, or turkey (or venison if its deer season) and cook it all up with onions and peppers, add the taco seasoning according to how many pounds of meat there was, add black or kidney beans and red lentils (you could do corn, shredded veggies like carrots, zucchini,  squash, leeks, etc. if you'd like.)
Freeze it in 2 cup portions.

Then it's a quick dinner to start:
     Taco salad
     Taco boats
     Taco stuffed baked potatoes
     Loaded nachos
     Frazer family Mexican bake 
     Mexican quiche.  I add fresh peppers, banana peppers, pepper jack
       cheese, and follow this "recipe".  I like to serve it on a bed of lettuce
       with sliced tomatoes & black olives.  And sometimes top it with sour
       cream or guacamole.
     Sam's Santa Fe Enchiladas adapted from this recipe. But use real cheese,
        and bake in the oven.  
     Cheeseburger macaroni  (excellent with gf pasta)
     Queso we sometimes add black beans and/or corn

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